the only band i have ever truly loved

I first discovered Dredg on my 15th birthday. I went to see Chevelle in concert with my friends. It was my first concert and I looooved Chevelle for some reason. But after that night everything changed for me. I was like, fuck Chevelle, I just got ear raped by Dredg and it was great. Dredg was one of the opening acts and I was beyond amazed at their live performance. Six years later I still get the chills thinking about that concert. That night, I went home and listened to my new copy of their then-current album, El Cielo. I thought I had died when I put that CD in, it was that good. It was unlike anything I'd ever heard before.

If you want to get into this band I highly reccomend El Cielo. You have to listen to the whole album from start to finish. It's a concept album about sleep paralysis and there is so much depth to all of the lyrics. While it's playing read all the lyrics, think, and then go to and read the analysis of the lyrics. It's totally phenomenal. And the music is beautiful - melodic, dreamy, experimental.

After that I declared myself a fan. I bought their first album, "Leitmotif." Again, I was blown away. Lietmotif doesn't have a shred of El Cielo in it. It's rough, and raw, and heavy, and it earned Dredg appreciation from metalheads everywhere.

Years after El Cielo, they put out Catch Without Arms. I was disappointed. It was a very mainstream album full of singles. There was a lot of resentment from the band towards their record label, which actually led them to split and go independent. Fans of the previous two albums waivered, as did I, but I think this album helped the underrated and unknown band to attract a stronger following. The new sound brought on different types of fans.

The next time I went to see them was like October 2007 and they were headlining. It was strange to see them go from people being like "who the fuck are they?" To actually having a huge crowd come see them. I noticed that a all...of their fans are pretentious tattooed trendy indie scenester fuckbags with elitez0rz taste in music. I felt like I didn't even belong at that damn show. But hey, I don't give a fuck.

THEN they dropped this craziness that is the Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion upon me and fucked my world UP. Dredg has returned to their highly experimental prog rock ways, and has sprinkled in some catchy riffs and amaaaazing basslines. The lyrics are incredible, and I love Gavin's voice. This independently released concept album focuses on religion, questioning beliefs, blind faith, and other similar philosophical gems. DID I NOT MAKE A POST ON THIS TOPIC LIKE TWO DAYS AGO!? It's like I was supposed to buy this album now. This fucked my mind. And I used the methods described in my instructions on how to listen to El Cielo.

Friday I may be seeing them live for the third time! (Although something tells me it's my fourth... Damn that mary jane killing my brain cellzzz). Tickets are 23.50 & they're bringing along a high school favorite, Rx Bandits. I srsly didn't know Rx was a band anymore so this is exciting hahaha.

Anyway I don't expect any of ya'll to really check them out but I love them. I fucking love them.

Here's the linkage if you totally want to get into the Pariah, the Parrot, the Delusion. It's totally an experience guize!