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verbal_odyssey's Journal

like totally
19 November 1988
"He said he was from Mississippi and my vagina clamped shut like a frightened oyster"

"I believe that vampires are the best golfers in the world and that their curse is that they'll never get to show it"
appreciating the small things, aquariums, bare feet, bargain hunting, beaches, beautiful people, beer bongs, being naked, being stoned, bendy straws, big cities, big sunglasses, bongs, books, bubbles, buffalo exchange, buffalo wings, calimari, champagne, chanel, chocolate milk, cigarettes, city life, classic rock, clouds, cocktail rings, comfortable silences, coral reefs, cupcakes, day of the dead, deep sea creatures, dexter, dogs, dreaming, dressing up, early morning, eating with chopsticks, enlightenment, existentialism, fashion, flamenco, flowers, flutes, frankenstein, free spirits, freedom, freelance writing, fresh air, frida kahlo, gaining the upper hand, gardens, gauges, getting high, ghost stories, gypsies, high heels, hip hop, imagining people naked, jazz, jellyfish, la tomatina, laughing, leopard print, lost, marijuana, matadors, materialism, meditation, mermaids, metal, mexican food, mornings, mtv true life, my blackberry, mysteries, nag champa, nail biters, narcissism, nature, nice people, nicole richie, nintendo 64, octopuses, outer space, peace, people watching, peppermint, perfume, philosophy, pinot noir, psychological thrillers, puppies, rain, random acts of kindness, rasta, reading, reggae, religion, rock n roll, running of the bulls, seahorses, seashells, secrets, self reflection, serial killers, sex, shoes, skinny dipping, skulls, smoking, soft skin, spain, spicy food, starfish, stars, stoner adventures, stoner movies, strawberries, sunshine, surprises, taking pictures, tall trees, tequila, the blue hole, the ocean, the rainforest, thunderstorms, transcendentalism, traveling the world, tropical fish, tropical islands, trying new things, ufc, underwater photography, unexpected rainbows, unicorns, urban outfitters, vh1 reality shows, vikings, vitamin water, vodka oj, vogue, volcanoes, waking up early, water, water with lemon, wearing dresses, windchimes, working out, zebra print